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ATC Supervisor, an intelligent equipment control job monitoring system in automated yard stack that integrates into a legacy terminal operation system

Recently, the impressive performance of the global economy and accelerated growth in world trade provides an important opportunity for container terminals to strengthen their compatibilities by raising productivity and reducing the costs. Those intensive competition challenges container terminals worldwide to turn their eyes upon automation in container handling procedure and transport system and thus to adopt automated equipment and its relevant system.

TSB ATC Supervisor is the very system not only controlling such automated equipment but also integrating with the existing terminal operation system (TOS).

ATC Supervisor consists of ATC Supervisor Server (ASS) and ATC Supervisor Client (ASC). The ASS is an intelligent system that manages operation by controlling job order to yard equipment in real time after checking both containers' and equipment's status and performing advanced automatic job-scheduling. Interface between TOS and PLC Controller is also a key function of ASS and any exceptions or emergencies received ATC manager can be handled by ASS. With the ASC, users can monitor the yard status and equipment condition in real time and get a report of its working history and statistics. Both ASS and ASC are interfaced each other to boost its efficiency. ATC Supervisor supports flawless integrated unmanned yard operation.

ATC Supervisor has been successfully implemented in Pusan East Container Terminal (PECT) also known as the first Yard Automated Terminal in Korea with Automated Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes (ARMGs) equipped at new berth no. 4. It is appraised to have TSB ATC Supervisor in enabling PECT 24 hours operations with unmanned yard equipments, therefore helping PECT to reduce their labor cost by thirty percents, and to enhance handling capacity by twenty two percents.
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