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Even having good software solutions, it is essential for the users to know its functionalities and usage upon their needs for increasing the benefit of the solutions. To best utilize the sophisticated IT solutions, it is critical to know how to use the system from general to detailed and exceptional case handling.

TSB training services aim at making our customers' success in using our products and in making full use of the substances of the product.

With expert resources and various training courses, TSB works closely with all levels of your organization during the critical stages of implementation. Our comprehensive course offerings take the various factors impacting your success into account to help you optimize your people, processes, and technology in order to achieve your goals.

We offer a variety of training options according the needs of the customers with different contents and methods. Standard training program is part of the system implementation and customized training course is also available upon customer's request. TSB's standard training program consists of Operation Training and System Administrator Training.

Operation Training
Operation Training is a program to educate the Super-users of each operation department and help them to understand the functionalities of the system in align with its business process. TSB's Business Analysts who have extensive knowledge of the operation as well as the system provide such service.

The service covers teaching on:
· System overview
· Introduction of features
· Detailed functionalities to handle both general and exceptional operation cases.

The training duration varies from 1 week to several weeks depending on the size of the operation and trainees.

System Administrator Training
System Administrator Training is a program to help the IT Administrators to handle the system technically. TSB's Technical experts will give lessons to the trainees.

The program covers teaching on:
· System Overview and Architecture
· Data management
· System configuration and Set-up
· Data Archiving
· Security Management

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