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A specialzed management system for ICD to optimize the management of Off Dock
Container Yard and maxmize its productivity.

Rapidly increased trading volume not only challenges container terminals but also their supplementary facility, Off-Dock Container Yard (ODCY) to raise its competition of productivity. Like terminal operation system became one of necessary infrastructures in terminal to secure terminal effectiveness, adopting a specialized operation system for ODCY is no longer just an option. It is the most strategic and essential solution to speed up the work process and thus improve productivity.

As the ODCY is divided into siding, container yard, re-marshalling area and gate, controlling up-to-date container inventory of each section can be paramount. Also, a good communication system and EDI connectivity are essential. All of those requirements are thoroughly taken into account by TSB's ODCY system.

Proven at Latkrabang ICD of ESCO, Thailand, TSB ODCY system provides maximum operational efficiency including yard and gate operation, transportation management, documentation and billing. This is not only intelligent enough to control yard planning and management, terminal stuffing for exports and imports, warehousing, empty containers, and interfacing with railways, customs and third party applications, but also friendly enough for users to easily manage. Covering all the core business process of ODCY, TSB's solution minimizes complexities and maximizes effectiveness.

TSB's on and off-line management service further ensures the diverse needs of our various customers to satisfy an impeccable level of customer service.

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