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A full integrated container terminal operating system customization and process optimization, serving over seventy over seventy container terminals in the globe.

As competition becomes increasingly fierce in container terminals industry, your main concerns are all about how to increase terminal performance and thus attract more customers to your terminal. The key answer to that question depends on which terminal operation system you select.

CATOS (Computer Automated Terminal Operating System) is an all-in-one terminal operation system which has been designed and developed to maximize productivity of terminal operation and to increase service quality of terminal. The system puts optimized automation technologies with powerful GUI to accomplish the highest competitiveness and productivity of terminal.

Once you plan berth allocation, human resource allocation, vessel operation and yard operation using CATOS Planning, you can supervise and control the whole operation in real time using CATOS Operation. CATOS Management then will provide analyzed reports on its performance to help you with better planning next time. These three modules are shared as one database, therefore, the data integrity can be surely guaranteed.

< Composition of CATOS >
Do you want to save your operation costs? Are you eager to provide more satisfactory services to your precious customers? CATOS is the very terminal operation system you are looking for.

· Intelligent and Optimized Planning System
· Reliable and Discerning Operation System
· Accurate and Useful Management System
· Smart Documentation Controller, Operation Management
· Flexible and Customer-Oriented Features
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